Monday, 22 August 2011

Happiness and sadness...

Yesterday I gave two quilts away. The first one was for my friend. It was the happy summer star quilt. My friend loved it. She was very surprised, very happy and I have no doubt it will be put to good use in her summer house. Felt good  :)

The other quilt I gave away was very different. A little background... One of my relatives is very ill. He is old and tired and has no desire to live more. He hasn’t been out of his bed for months now. It’s sad. We went to visit him on Sunday and I noticed he had only a shappy, old towel to cover his thin legs. I asked him why and he explained that the duvet was too warm so the nurse had found a towel instead – no blankets around. He didn’t seem to mind to be honest, but I got more and more upset thinking about it. He looked so fragile and poorly with only the towel to cover him. Just not right. (I have difficulties finding the right words in English, but I hope I’m making sense anyway). On the way back I cried and cried and just got more and more sad. No relative of mine should have an old towel as a blanket. But I also knew that I most likely would not have time to make a new quilt for him. The sooner I could get a quilt to him the better. So I went straight into the living room when we came back, got the only quilt I have ever made for myself and drove right back to Copenhagen to give it to him.

Now, I am not trying to stand out as a saint (because I'm certainly not). As much as I care for him this was a 100% TOTAL selfish thing to do. I did it for my peace of mind, not his. My relative does not know the effort that goes into a quilt nor does he appreciate the colors or the pattern. And  he doesn’t know it was made of my last Moda Freebird fabric either. He would have liked a cheap fleece just as well. But for ME it makes a huge difference to know that he has a good quality quilt that will keep him comfortable. And even if the quilt it self doesn’t mean much to him he was VERY happy about how the quilt felt and of course that I came back with it. It was better than the shappy towel, that’s for sure!

So, it was two quilts given away in one day and in very different situations, but for both quilts I know they are being put to good use… and that’s really what they are made for anyway  :)


  1. Hej

    Sikke en smuk handling. Det var godt at du gav det fine tæppe væk, både for ham og for dig selv


  2. It matters to me also that the people I care for have quilts I've made to comfort them even if a blanket would do the same thing. Last week I gave a quilt to my sister-in-law's mother for her 76th birthday. She's been at many of our extended family celebrations when Mom or I have made a quilt to give as a gift and I felt it was time that she had one too.

  3. What a beautiful story! I don't think it was selfish at all- quite the oppoosite- it takes alot to give or even sell a quilt that hours of hard work went into (or metres of your favourite fabric!!)and it took a very special situation for you to part with your pride and joy.
    Just think that there's more joy around the corner as you plan the next quilt especially for you.

  4. You did very good deeds!
    You made somebody else happy AND yourself!
    I can understand your 'piece of mind' thing.
    Of course!
    Well done!
    And what lovely quilts by the way.
    Love from the Low Countries

  5. You truly felt you had to do it. That means it came from the heart and those are the best gifts!!!!

  6. Lovely story and sad as well. Brought tears to my eyes!!