Monday, 25 April 2011

Stars quilt

This winter I asked my Mother to make a quilt with me. We live quite far from each other – in different countries in fact.  The idea to create something despite the physical distance was intriguing.
I’m an amateur quilter really just beginning to learn the basics. My Mother, who is a very good knitter and weaver btw, never quilted before. But when I saw papers to quilt over the idea just popped into my head.
I found a pattern of to make stars and got my Moms attention to the project. The fact that we were to do everything by hand didn't scare her off. She is very brave ;) When she visited me last time we went to the quilt shop and picked out fabric. Blues and browns…
We made the papers and when she left she had a lot of papers with her. I’ve been busy… and so has she. When I went to see her over Easter and we counted the stars it turned out we had almost 80.
We have laid them out and coordinated in rows. Now all we need is to piece the stars with a light background. I love how it’s coming along. We are no where done yet but this is still a lot faster than what we ever dreamed off. 

Below a picture of my Mom and my oldest son counting stars:


  1. wow I love your star quilt....any tips on how to make one and where did you get the template for the diamond. Any help would be great.

  2. Thank you Anne. No real tips other than patience I guess. This is my first try to quilt over paper but it's very satisfying now that it is coming together.

    I bought the paper templates precut at my local quilt store - both the diamonds and the hexagons. You can get some online in UK as well. At my local shop they have lots os shapes and sizes. At first I prepared only a few templates a time but now I find it timesaving to cut, fold and glue lots of templates at once. I then keep them in small plastic bags so they don't frey. This was also nessesary because my Mom needed to bring a stash back to Sweden where she lives - she does not have a cutting mat and a ruler.

    Oh yes. - needles, sharp needles are great. I'm using Clover no 10. They are thin and very sharp. Also have great use of the threader I bought. It's also a Clover. It saves me lots of agony trying to thread the thin needles :)

    I wish you best of luck when you start your quilt. Let me know how it goes.

  3. this is going to be so fun! And I love that you and your mom are working on it together. My mom and I live far away from each other too. I should recruit her to do a project with me. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh wow... that is going to be one pretty quilt!

  5. That is going to be really neat!

  6. I love the stars, and how you and your Mum are making it together..what a lovely quilt it will be..
    P.S. Cille, sorry I spelt your name wrong in my email..