Sunday, 3 August 2014

Warm summer day...

We have an unusually long and warm summer this year. Not that I'm complaining... I love it :) Today we hit 32 degrees and at the same time I hit the limit for quilting. Basting in the heat, yes sir, not a problem but sitting with a warm quilt draped over my lap while quilting was definately a no go even if I'm itching to get started on the kaleidescope quilt.

Basting on the dining room table... This is as far as I got and before Jens and I decided to hit the ice cream bar in town for some cool indulgence instead. He seems awfully happy for a off-duty quilt holder, don't you think?


  1. There does come a point when I have to give up on quilting as well. It can just be too hot! I think your quilt holder looks very pleased with the turn of events. :)

  2. I expect that is a great fee for quilt holding duties. :o) Our Summer has been unusually cool and I love it. I can even crochet in the evenings. I love seeing your quilt.