Monday, 25 August 2014


My friend Heidie and I agreed to make our own little Farmers Wife QAL - and to use the same color palette in blue, red and white. Yep, a little out of of my safety zone. No teal, no orange.

I have a feeling that although we use the same pattern and the same coclors, the quilts will come out very differently.

Though dragging my feet at first, I'm becoming more and more excited about the project. I've pulled an eclectic mix of fabrics - modern, 30'ties, Japanese and traditional,Tilda etc. I was quite surprised that I had so many reds. Maybe that's because I rarely use reds?

Now the fabrics are all washed and ironed. I've planned the first eight blocks and made the templates. The rest I will make as I go along. At least 4 small blocks a month, that's doable, right?



  1. I like your fabric pull and I look forward to seeing how different your quilts end up with the same color palette!

  2. Hi Cille! Sounds and looks great! That's fun with quilting that even you will make the same pattern with same colours, they will be so different. Your Fabrics are beautiful and it'll be fun to see what blues and REDS Heidie choose. Does she blog? I laughed: perhaps we have lots of some colours because don't use them much! Enjoy your NEW Project! I started to make 'flying goose' blocks for the First time. x Teje

  3. Good luck, it looks like it will be beautiful!

  4. Evening Cille,would love to see how your farmers wife quilt works out I got this book a few years ago but haven't made anything from it yet, maybe I will if I see what you do. Love your quilt with the flying geese at the sides. 😘