Monday, 11 August 2014

A fair warning...

As a friend I recommend you forget about going to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham... It's highly addictive and can be very, very expensive. To top that off there's also a serious number of mind blowing fantastic quilts at display that is guaranteed to mess with your mind and make you dream of long quilting days and no work. Seriously, if you still insist on going its on your own risk ;) I just went though my spoils of war and are trying to estimate the damages. 

Some great books:

Some nick-nacks and notions:

And a bag to carry it all in:

Fabrics of course - here's the pile with the larger pieces - all between 1 and 3 yards:

Some red and blues - my friend Heidie challenged me to a Farmers Wife in blue, red and white. I feel slightly petrified, but who am I to turn down a challenge. Well be making one each. Do you want to join in?

Here my perhaps favourite purchase - the most surprising of them all. New to me, Kim Porter's worn and washed fabrics. Fantastic coordinated fabrics - mostly cotton, but also flannel and cordouy. Such treasures...: 

And finally some small FQs that was just to yummy to pass:

There was lots of quilts on display - too many to really study them all even if we spent the better part of a day to just browsing. My favourite quilts were all in the traditional and contemporary section:

This one looked a bits 'messy' from a distance but once you got closer each and everyone of the little hexies were pillars of skills. Wow... I can't even begin to imagine how many little pieces of fabrics went into this Australian quilt by Zinzia White:

Fish in the sea - Pam Stanier:

Barbara Bagg:

A light and airy simple star proves that complicated isn't always a neccesicity - #722 in the catalogue 

Marlene Jankers:

Pauline Tiney - Four stars - very happy and bright and wonderfully balanced with the light centres;
And finally this big quilt all in dotted fabric - so much fun - by Anita Gogerty:

Okay, if you made it to the end, I seriously admire you. You might have caught the Quilt Festival bug. If so, maybe I'll see you there next year.


  1. Oh you did well! Looks expensive tho! Hope you had fun

  2. All purchases are great, esp the bag & the big ruler & & &!!
    Wonderful quilts too. Thanks for the advice, but I'll have to go next year!!

  3. That lovely collection should keep you busy for a while! You've certainly tempted me to go next year :)