Saturday, 1 February 2014

A fun quilting group challenge...

In my quilting group we usually work on each our projects, but once a year some of us do a common challenge, to force ourselves into unknown terroritoty, so to speak.

This year we were asked to bring 100 6"x6" non solid fabrics. We then did a swap so we all ended up with lots of different fabrics all mixed together. The despair was notable in the group at this point... Batiks, modern, yes even some Christmas fabrics was in the piles and all colors mixed together. It was difficult to see anything good come out of it.

We were supposed to make a particular block - and I did make one, but have to say I didn't particularly like it. 

Here's a picture from the group with some of the blocks. (The green project is not part of the challenge)

I hate not going with a challenge, but also to work on a quilt I don't like. So I did the centres in color groups of 4 (like the challenge) but then made giant stars with hst of the rest. I went to my scrap pile at home for all kind of whites and beige for the background. I had to add a few color fabrics for the hst's too, but it was all from my scrap pile.

This is where I am now... And I have to say, I think I'm going to love this scrappy, fun quilt. I have not pressed the blocks yet - just layed them out on the floor to play with. I am going to add another row of stars, write a little poem about stars with embroidery thread on the square block and most likely add some scrappy centres in the big squares. 

Each block is 20"x20" so I'm going the end up with an 80x80 quilt. 

So in one way I feel a little bad for not sticking with the original plan, on the other hand I'm excited that I did the challenge but formed it into something I like. I hope the quilting group will think its fun too even if it's a bit different from theirs...

 My mojo is back thanks to this fun project - I'm happy and thankful.


  1. It's nice to take on a challenge but in the end you really have to be happy. I can't work on anything I don't like. I think your star blocks are bold and beautiful.

  2. Hi Cille! I'm so happy to hear from you! You made good choise. I love your stars and how you used all kind of Fabrics and different low volumes. I'm not either fan of that 'sticks' block. Your quilt will be beautiful! x Teje

  3. Like Stephanie says, you need to be happy with what you are creating. I can’t either work on something I don’t like. Good for you to turn the project into something so beautiful! I can see why you don’t like the sticks block!

  4. How creativeis that! Well done Cille: it's a beautiful quilt!
    (Maybe put that block in the left hand lower corner on the back? LOL)