Thursday, 31 October 2013

This and that

Pew... What a week it's been here at my casa. I can't even begin to describe it without you would think I was nuts, but my son ended up in the hospital for appendicitis last Monday, and because everything else was pushed aside for that I ignored some pretty hefty signs (like a 3-day fever on 103) that I wasn't well either (you Moms out there know exactly what I mean and yes it is possible to ignore you're ill) so I was admitted with sepsis chock on Thursday and for the next 5 days this was my view:

 Just to add to it all, my sweet mom fell the other night in the wet grass and broke her arm. And we're seriously  the family that normally doesn't get sick... 

Thank goodness my son is home and well again and I'm on the mend too. Unfortunately there'll be no quilting for my mom the next 5 weeks though.

I'm no sorry at all to leave las week behind. Only positive thing there is to say is that I had my iPad in the hospital and lots of time to browse the Bloggers Quilt festival.

So, on to happier notes... I made the last blocks for my LongJohns last weekend when I was in Sweden, but sadly haven't even looked at my sewing table since. There is a giant pile of blocks all ready to sew together. I was running out of the patterned fabrics but found this one in my stash - New York tall buildings. Isn't if fun. I wish I had found it sooner and made more blocks with that fabrics. It really makes me smile big.

I also got myself some more fabric last weekend in Sweden. While not classical quilt fabric it will be perfect for bags, coffee warmers and other fun projects.

Some magazine front as panels

Linnnen with angels, text and music notes

Colourful owls

So all I need now is energy - let me know if someone has plenty - and everything will be back to normal.


  1. Well as the saying goes "when it rains it pours." Sorry for the flood your family has been experience but glad everyone is on the mend. You deserve to go shopping (again) after you regain your energy and strength. Loving your new and fabulous prints. Take care, one and all.

  2. My goodness!! I am sending all the health and wellness that I can for your family. Please take care of yourself - septic shock is not a happy thing!! Indulge in a good book or some terrible tv. :-)

  3. Oh my gosh Cille, that sounds like a terrible week! I hope you, your mum and your son are all back to 100% really soon!

  4. I'm sorry to hear that and I'm glad you are on the mend! Get well soon!

  5. wow. Hope from here on out life is uneventful. Good luck on the mojo - it'll be back soon!

  6. Doesn't it suck that when you get sick and can't go to work - it also means that you are too sick to quilt! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your terrible week, Cille! I hope you get all well soon! Your new fabrics are fantastic! x Teje

  8. God Bedring!! for you and the rest of the family.
    It can only get better now!!

  9. Oh my, what a week. But I am sorry, that I cannot give you energy from me... I could Need more too ;-)