Thursday, 10 October 2013

'Sigh' it's definitely autumn

It definitely autumn here... It's just over 6 pm and already getting dark. I just came home from work and wanted to share the quilt I finished yesterday late evening. I managed to get some pictures but I was rushing and the quilt deserves better really. Oh well, unless you want to wait until spring, here's a peek.

I love this quilt and it would look great in my livingroom. But my sweet sister think its equally wonderful, so I'm wondering if I should save it for Christmas? Am I going to be the generous or the selfish sister?

Pattern is Tracejay's RoundHouse from American Quilting Sept 2013 issue.
Fabric: various Amy Butler lines
Size: app 65 x 80 (really should measure it)
Background: polka dots on blue
The batting is a new test. I ordered 3 different ones from the UK. This is polyester, very warm (like a thin duvet actually) and light. It has quite a loft. I have never used only poly batting, but all things considered it is actually great. You all know this family like our quilts big and warm - this definitely is both :)


  1. Ah, I asked on Flickr what batting you used as it looks so nice and fluffy! It‘s nice to give quilts to others, but sometimes you just need to be a little selfish. This quilt is so wonderful!
    It’s a real Autumn day here as well.

  2. Well I think the photo of the quilt on the bench is beautiful. What a wonderful finished...wondering who will be the final owner of the quilt!

  3. Front & back are both beautiful, obviously the front is more beautiful ...
    Nice and BIG! Was it difficult to quilt by machine or did you quilt this huge one by hand?

  4. I love your new quilt, Cille! It brought smile to my face! I can't wait till spring to see more, please show! I think it's so beautiful that you should make another one for you. I would like to learn more what wadding you used and where you bought it. Have a lovely weekend! x Teje

  5. Lovely - can't wait to see some more photos!