Sunday, 25 August 2013

Down to quilting the last flower....

I know you must all be tired of seeing this quilt,but I'm down to quilting the last flower and this time in great company. A bit of background history... We have 4 cats - all shelter cats. I much prefer dogs to be honest but these cats where in need of a home so now they live with us.

Remus is by far the fanciest of our cats - a pedigree Norgewian Forrest Cat - also the youngest and leader of the pack. He's seven years old and though very shy when we first had him he has warmed up to people and now loves sitting close to us. The quilt and my feet up in the chair was to big a temptation for him so he sat there for a while eying an opportunity to move closer (no way - I was quilting) and finally settled on curling up for a brief nap at my feet.

A little while later I'm joined by Thomas, our oldest cat. He's thirteen years old but really acts like a kitten at times still. He recently had to let go of the throne - not by choice obviously but Remus is just younger and stronger than him. Thomas will never say no to an napping opportunity close to us and like always he loves curling up in a quilt for a nap. Today was no exception. Long after I moved inside he was still sleeping in the chair.

Well, I'm at my last flower and so this little box of Pearl 8 threads will soon be back on the shelf


  1. Remus is quite handsome and Thomas looks comfortable. I hope you share your other two kitties. How lucky for them to be in a loving home. If only we could rescue them all.

  2. Thomas and Remus are both just beautiful! We have two rescue feline's as well - I'm with Stephanie - I'd love to rescue all of them!

  3. Aww, what lovely cats you have. My cats also cannot resist a quilt or a lap (binding is their favourite part since they get to sit on a lap covered by a quilt). Can't wait to see this lovely quilt finished!

  4. Hi Cille! Your quilt is going to be fantastic! I'm happy for those sweet cats to find a good home with you! x Teje

  5. If we had the space and place I would provide a home for all shelter kitties. Remus and Thomas look adorable. And the quilt, well I can’t get enough of looking at the photo’s, so please keep them coming!

  6. It is interesting seeing the quilt in a different setting - the flowers must be much larger than I had thought. Of course the cats are beautiful... but not sure if they are better than the quilt?

  7. I can never get enough of cats on quilts.
    You see them a lot in blog lang and I love it!
    Both beauties!
    The others were playing or are you keeping them for the next quilt?