Saturday, 10 August 2013

A very quick little bag...

Yesterday we were invited to a party... I decided to wear a dress in a lovely teal color that I found in the US. Only problem was that my normal clutch really clashed with the teal, so I decided to whip up a quick little bag based on a pattern that Stephanie @ Loft Creations was so kind to send me a little while back. It's called ' Little Purse'.

I used some of the Amy Butler scraps that seems to overflow my sewing space these days.

What a lot of fun it was. I came home from work at 5.15 pm and started sewing. The instructions are so easy and clear that i didn't have to unpick anything at all ( and let me tell you that is a rare thing for me...) So at 7 o'clock I was at the party with a finished bag and had even managed to squeeze in a quick shower and makeup time.

I made the bag a little smaller than the pattern suggested since this will be strictly a pouch. I also used a magnetic clips instead of a button... partly because I didn't have a nice button (!) and partly because the small size. Looking at it know I wish I had made the corners a little more rounded, but hey, it pretty good looking bag despite of it, isn't it?

I'm already planning to make another bag based on the same pattern and with a decorative trim like in the pattern just making the trim in a bright color. And the base in one fabric only rather than the very scrappy look I got going here. The options are endless....


  1. What a fun bag and I love your spin on it! Gorgeous teal dress. The bag colors really add some fun to the simple Little Purse.

  2. Great bag this little purse.
    Great combo too!