Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A quick Wednesday WIP

After finishing this one (yeah! arms in the air) I'm troddeling along with my other WIPs and is still determined to wrap up projects before starting new ones:

Dresden quilt

My scrappy trip quilt is made from Hometown fabric. I like the colors a lot but for some reason found it was a difficult line to match with my other fabrics. At 60"x60" it is a little on the small side so this one is going to be a junior quilt. I made a promise (have not forgotten it, Betty) and are thinking about donating it to Sieblings Together. But only if I like it when it's done. Even for a charity I will only give things away I would use myself.

Picture is (even for my standards) really bad, but of course you all know the fantastic color scale of Hometown. The picture is from last night and taken with my iPad because I'm being lazy (so sorry ladies - I count on you using your imagination).

Tilføj billedtekst

I am still playing with options for the last border of the EPP Ferris wheel quilt and are kind of getting set on this block - Pogo stick. Like the garden lattice its also from the book ´'Modern Blocks. 

A layout would look something like this - obviously with lots of different colors.

Pew, I'm glad I already decided to send til to a one-arm quilter. It's going be be gigantic...

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  1. I love your Scrappy Trip but I'm smitten with your AB quilt. I think you have found the perfect next border.'s going to be a really fantastic finish.

  2. That pogo stick border is going to be stunning!

  3. pogo stick has always been one of my favorites in the book and I love it as a border. the scrappy trip will be great when it's done, I have a bundle of that line that I've never used and should.