Monday, 3 September 2012

3x6 bee blocks

This weekend I finally finished the 3x6 bee blocks. I love making plans but seem to have a problem sticking to them. This bee is no exception. I spend several days plowing through my quilt books before the bee started and finally had two patterns picked out. Then as the bee members started to post the mosaics I changed my mind. Again… And again :)

I finally decided on Freshly Pieced ‘Hex around the block’ but in a less scrappy version. I love the scrappy lok but since the color options are limited I opted for the safe version of the block. I loved making them and might end up making lots more out of scraps for quilt project.

3x6 bee block for Clara
3x6 bee block for Paige
3x6 bee block for Alison
3x6 bee block for Deb
3x6 bee block for Staci
3x6 bee block for Leona

I also made an angel block for someone in another hive, who didn’t get all her blocks last quarter. It was a wonky hive… I’m not 100% pleased about this one but I was completely out of ideas of what to make and finally just decided just to make a wonky log cabin block. To make thinbgs worse Ella had asked for purple and tangarine - the two colors I have next to nothing in, so my stash was really put to the test on this block. 

My 3x6 wonky angel block for Ella

The pictures are a bit dark and the usual poor flashy quality – I finished well past midnight and couldn’t help taking some pictures right away. Patience is a virtue. Too bad I don’t have any.


  1. your bee blocks are great! I really love the aqua/turquoise one!

  2. I love all those hexagons. I have to try this technique. I asked for hexagons, too, but made out of stripy triangles. The wonky log cabin blog is so cheerful. I'm sure it will make the new owner very happy!

  3. Terrific hex blocks. I love the placement of the crowns in the red/black block. Once upon a time I made an entire quilt using the exact colors you used in the wonky log cabin. I saw a piece of fabric that was really unusual and interesting and I bought coordinating fabric. I donated it for a quilt auction to aid those who'd lost their homes to crisis. So I find the orange/tangerine quite striking.

  4. Ah yes, the Freshly pieced Hexagon block - another one on my list of things that I love. I even have some of one of those fabrics... hmmm.

  5. Oh my goodness, those are all so beautiful Cille! I'm just dying over that bird. And I think your wonky log cabin block is just lovely :-)

  6. I just love my block Cille. Kate Spain is one of my fav designers so perfect choice!

  7. Beautiful blocks. I love the little bird in the center. Very cheerful!