Wednesday, 30 May 2012

WIP Wednesday (or lack here of)

Today is just not my day... I can't get my 60 degree points perfect and it's frustrating. Yesterday evening after the kids were tucked in, I had planned to dive into some serious quilting. It lasted all of 30 minutes before I called it quits and opted for the couch, a cat on the lap and a film instead. So much for my plans. And for making a grand WIP post... Here's where I left it last night. I need to dig out my seem ripper  ;)

Update Wednesday night: This evening I decided to tackle the triangles head on and got really far. The points are much better after i started pressing the seams to one side rather than open. I was trying to avoid a bump where hexagons meet but after a good pressing it is okay. So no depression in sight after all :)

My youngest needs a quilt - his 9th birthday is end of June. I'm thinking about what to make him but can't quite settle on a pattern... It has to be grand and full of color - just like him.My kids are getting so big and independent. At times I just want them to stop growing. It's like everything passes so quickly and all I can do is watch passively from the sideline. Know that feeling?

I think I am working on too many projects to really feel much of a progress this week but here are the update for this week:

Hexiestars in Terrain 
pieced all the triangles into strips and are now in process of piecing the strips.
Picture is a few days old.

Hexagons baby quilt to Bumble Beans
cut the pieces and have started piecing

Bloggers BOM
havnt started the May block yet.

Hand pieced giant hexaflowers
no progress this week. Need more glue...

Scrabby liberated wedding rings in blues and greens
no progress this week

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  1. Hi Cille,
    don't be sad ;) Maybe you need just a colorful easy quilt for your son to get some new force for quilting - what's about a easy log-cabin quilt with some really nice fussy cut center squares (maybe you should have a look at redpepperquilts)?!
    hugs from Switzerland!

  2. Aw, I hate those days when nothing goes right. Hope your sewing mojo returns soon. maybe just lay that one aside for a bit and get on with the hexiestars which are looking amazing!

  3. I love the dark background you're using on your blocks. Really makes them pop. I remember my son (now almost 24) being super excited when he was 5 about me making him a quilt.

  4. So many pretty projects!
    I feel the same way about my kids growing up too fast - isn't there a way to slow it down?!

  5. Your projects are lovely! Sometimes it's best to walk away from a project that is giving you trouble for a little bit and try it again after a break. At least that works for me!

  6. love those hexie stars!! i totally know what you mean about the passing of time with the kids! I am feeling the same later and finding it a bit hard to come to terms with!! xxxx

  7. Everything you've made is so pretty. Sewing can be frustrating, but it is always worth it. Sometimes we need an off night to relax and get back to it. Can't wait to see what you do with everything.

  8. Your projects are gorgeous! I am sorry to hear you are having such a tough time with the triangles (really gorgeous by the way!). Your son will love whatever you create, I can promise you! Hang in there!

  9. You've got lots of lovely things in progress. I especially like your terrain stars and liberated wedding rings :)