Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Wednesday WIP update

It's been a lovely, busy week here.

We had a national holiday last Friday but rather than indulge myself in quilting I did some much needed cleaning. All the windows in the house were washed inside and outside. Its not my favorite thing to do but the bright spring sun meant it had to be done. Our house is a little funny as it has a full basement halfway built into a hill. It means that half the basement has huge floor-to-ceiling windows and the other half is a traditional basement. It also means that ground floor is almost a first floor. That means ( yes there is a point) that I deserve extra brownie points for doing the windows as it involved using a ladder for most of the time. And we have a lot of windows!

Here's the view from the dining room - even if in the middle of the town our house has a great view.  The terrace is covered which is not great for light but perfect for summer evenings that tend to be a little cold once the dew has fallen. Ah, I miss the long summer night talks, wrapped in a quilt on the terrasse.

Luckily this week has not all been tending the house and garden. I did manage to squeeze some quilting in. While cleaning I decided it was time to make some new pot holders for the kitchen. First pair looks more like little mats. Love the colors though.

The second pair was more successful as far as pot holders go - not crazy about the orange. While they certainly add some color to the kitchen I still want to make some in another color scheme.

I also made a finish this week... My Swoon quilt had been neglected for far too long and I made a promise to myself to finish it before starting a new project.

The stars are made of various Kaffe Fasset fabrics in greens and blues. I used a simple dark blue background and some leftover polka dots to bind it. It is sandwiched with wool so it looks a bit chunky but the wool is great for Danish tempetures. It makes the quilt really light but still very warm. My friend Majbritt has a new terrace and I'm sure this quilt will keep her happy and varm on long summer evenings.

My reward for finishing the Swoon quilt is a huge stack of Terrain and a 60 degree ruler. I started cutting yesterday evening and can't wait to line it up the blocks on the design wall

I linking up to Lee's Wednesday WIP. I just love Wednesday where I get to see so many WIP's and lovely projects.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced 


  1. Your swoon quilt is just beautiful!! I would kill for a view like that :)

  2. love your swoon quilt and can't wait to see what you do with terrain- I love that fabric!

  3. Oh Cille, don't remind me of windows that need cleaning!
    You can hardly look outside from our house ...
    Yes. I like to exaggerate.
    Love the view, agree on the orange, love the Swoon and I'd love to see what you're going to do with the Terrain. (can hardly wait)

  4. Hi Cille,
    your Swoon Quilt ist just beautiful (especially the binding)! And I'm still thinking about buying some Terrain fabric... Maybe your blocks will help ;)

  5. Your Swoon is beautiful. I love the black and white dot binding! I have seen a few Swoons done in blues and wish I had done mine in blues now, too. Great work :)

  6. oh your Swoon is awesome! Congrats on a beautiful finish!! I love it - and great binding!! I am working on potholders right now too....wish me luck - I'm going to try grommets! ;-/

  7. I love your Swoon! Now if only I could get mine finished up, I five down and two in progress...just need some motivation. Your home is beautiful! When can I move in? :)

  8. Your Swoon looks fantastic - love the colors and the quilting.

  9. Swooning here :)
    I like the hotpads too

  10. Swoon is beautiful! And Terrains is one of my favorites!

  11. Your Swoon quilt is beautiful! It's on my list of to-dos (hopefully soon).

  12. Wonderful Swoon! Your friend will most definitely enjoy this! Beautiful stack of rewards too!

  13. Beautiful Swoon quilt! Love those blues and greens. That stack of Terrain is gorgeous too! Kate Spain is my favorite designer! I can't wait to see what you create!

  14. Yay for cleaning all those windows (I feel terrible now cause I havent done mine in forever!)
    Your pot holders are cute and the Swoon is beutiful. Amazing what you "squeezed" in after cleaning all those windows!