Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Update from my sewing room - Wednesday WIP

Whats going on in my sewing room? Not a lot of structured things, that’s for sure. This week I had a major launch at work so I’ve been pretty busy. And the weekend was spent in a small town in the opposite end of Denmark far away from my sewing machine, where my old school had a reunion party. So in other words,  a week with preciously little sewing time.

I have some projects I need to finish - my Swoon quilt, my Made in Cherry quilt but most important  the quilt for my Nephew, which needs to be finished end of April. I made the pieced back this week and basted the quilt. Now I have stalled completely though – have no idea how to quilt it. Only thing I can come up with is stitch-in-the-ditch which is nice but… Well, you know. If you have any ideas on how to quilt this super boxy top I would love to hear from you.

Can I brag a little? I brought the top to my LQS to find the binding and the owner LOVED it – thought it was very unusual and asked for pictures so that they could use it for inspiration to others. I think it’s the dots that makes it stand out so much. I’m growing very fond of it myself. The binding was tough but I found some fantastic fabric and so is the pieced back is looking pretty darn good as well . Can't wait to show you the finished quilt. It will be quite a dramatic, busy quilt.

I continue to make Liberated Wedding Rings from my scrap pile when I can, but I also started another couple of scrap projects this week:
Paper pieced stars – just practicing - the centres are horrible. I have to rip these apart again and start over:

And then I'm making some large blocks in lovely green and red scraps. I hope to make some placeholders out of them but mostly I am making them to practice FMQ.

So as you can see some focus is much needed in my sewing room. Be sure to drop by Lee's blog to see more structured approach to quilting
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. You certainly can brag about that quilt- it is gorgeous, I just love the dots- if I were quilting it I would do some free motion quilting with lots of circles- either a large pebble or maybe even concentric circles? I think all circle quilting on a very square themed quilt would really be cool.

  2. I wouldgo for straight lines too. But onceyou've finished FMQ-ing the place mats, why not do the real thing on this quilt: meandering? Leaves? Have a look at some FMQ ideas at Quokka Quilts:


  4. I just love your spotty quilt. It really is the perfect sashing. It's no wonder the quilt shop ladies love it.

  5. LOve your quilt. The paper pieced star looks great.

  6. Love your quilt!! I think some nice vertical straight line would be cool, even organic.

  7. I'm so glad that your moment of indecision - should I carry on or start something different - has ended up with a wonderful quilt that other people are wanting to use for inspiration. Major pat on the back!! I suppose it's all about having confidence in your own instincts... although looking at all the quilting eye candy on blogs etc makes it hard to settle to one idea.