Sunday, 15 January 2012

A weekend of double fun

My quilting group met both Saturday and Sunday this weekend.  The task this time was kaleidoscope quilts. I had no idea what I was up for but I always appreciate a good challenge so I grapped some fabric and dived into it.

It is difficult – very different from the normal blocks – but also a lot of fun. I am far from finished yet but here’s a (bad) snapshot of the projects. Mine is the one in the middle. The teachers is the one to the left.

I have the rest of the fabric ready so I I’ll try to piece it before the group meets again in 2 weeks so that I can concentrate on make the circle in a square in the class rather than piece it. I know I will be needing a lot of help with that. Fortunately the women in my group are all experienced quilters and don’t mind to give me some good advice when needed. They are very patient - bless them  :)
And now I’m off to cut some squares for the Made in Cherry quilt-a-long and catch up on a week of blog reading.