Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Wednesday WIP

It’s Wednesday morning, it’s dark, rainy and windy. My Grandmother used to call these kind of days ‘Coffe, Cuddle and Sleeping day’. I couldn’t agree with her more. Unfortunately there is a full workday and a basket ball training on todays agenda.

It’s also Wednesday WIP day – be sure to stop by Lee’s WIP Wednesday  for more updates and lots of inspiration.

My week was quite productive. I started two and finished one top. Also re-arranged one quilt into two. In other words lots of new projects and no finishes.

First update is without pictures – The Kaffe Fasset Sached Boxes quilt. I brought the diamonds to Sweden to do finish off the pile and maybe decide on the final layout. The boxes came out way stronger than I liked because of the colors I used and to be honest I didn’t like it. My  Mum has a good sense of colors and saw the problem immediately.  I ended up separating the diamonds into warm and cools colors. And I will make two quilt tops instead of one. Of course it now means a slight set-back because I will have to do a lot more diamonds but I am sure it will be worth it in the end.

I started and finished another quilt top using my stunning Heirloom FQ’s. The pieces are gigantic and it goes together in no time at all. As much as you know I love the fast projects I thought this one was almost a bit too easy and too fast. I am thrilled however of the result. The blocks are perfect for showing off the beautiful fabric and I wouldn’t change a bit. I am currently working on the back piecing the cut-offs. Can't bear to waste as much as an inch of this wonderful fabric.

Also started another new project – no pictures of this one either. I am piecing my leftover Prince Charming stripes to triangles to make this quilt I have 12 generous sized triangles now but need some more. These will come as the diamonds progresses. Think I will will use a dark grey as a background

So the stats for this weeks:

New projects: 2
Worked on: 3
Finished projects: 0

The warm palette Kaffe Fasset diamonds
The cool palette Kaffe Fasset diamonds
Circles appliqué
The Pendant quilt
Leftover Prince Charming striped triangles


  1. The quilt top looks wonderful, I love the colors. Nothing beats the aqua/orange combination (okay, maybe green and purple does...)

  2. I really like the quilt top. The heirloom fabrics are divine.

  3. That simple quilt is the perfect way to show off those lovely prints.

  4. the citron colorway of heirloom is great! and your quilt top looks so pretty. :)

  5. Lots of great projects and I really like how you are showing off those big heirloom pieces. Lovely!

  6. Beautiful! Love the Heirloom in the citron colorway.

  7. Any kind of progress is great to me! Your quilt is just beautiful! Great fabrics :-)

  8. Your Pendant quilt is so lovely - just perfect for those beautiful fabrics.

  9. I love it! I love Heirloom as well! What a great combo! :)

  10. Hi! That quilt is beautiful and those fabrics so great! I'm happy to hear that your are from Denmark (or Sweden if your mom is there)! Thank you for your visit and sweet comment! The horse reminds us from scandinavian countries! It is still tradition in Finland to go for a horse drive in Christmas time (if just possible)!
    Wishes from Finnish woman living in Greece! Teje

  11. Beautiful quilt...have a great day.

  12. I love the elongated Hexie blocks