Sunday, 25 September 2011

BOM Kick-off

Canton Village Quilt Works

It started  :) When I checked my reader this morning barely out of bed (yes, that how sad a person I am) I saw the first BOM block and immediately started playing with the fabric.

Here's my fabric for the first block. I'm using Paradise Collection 'Feel the Difference' that I picked up in my local quilt shop.

Update: This is how it ended up looking. I made two blocks. As the blocks are rather small (8x8 inches) I think I might want to add a bit more to the quilt... or else I can always use it for another quilt. Go to Sherrie's A Quilting life blog to see the instructions.


  1. Absolutely terrific!! You are so fast!!

  2. Lovely colour choise! Making two is a very good idea. Mind if I borrow it? :)

  3. You have a lovely blog and I love your blocks..I have just joined the flikr group and plan to make my BOM tomorrow. I`m really excited about this!

  4. I your blocks. The fabric is lovely. I am especially drawn to your background choice. Happy quilting.