Sunday, 20 July 2014

Back from vacation

Ah... We've been in South of France for two weeks enjoying life, drinking good wine and just relaxing.  The wi-fi didn't work and there was no TV in the gite we rented, so it was quite literally a change fom the normal life. Lovely none the less...

My view at our rented house from the shade, while the pool was being cleaned by the robot. I wish cleaning at home felt as good as this...

Dinner at the local (nice) restaurant - everybody is eating outside under the trees. We were in the heart of the Rhone wine district so finding excellent wine wasn't the biggest of our problems:

One if my birthday gifts from DH was tickets to Camina Burana in the old roman theatre in Orange. Simply fantastic!  The music, the scenography, the French people enjoying the night. The orchestra gave three encores... Did I already use the word fantastic? Cause it really was...

The boys had fun with the so called animals on site (I prefer the term creeps). Here is a small lizard on my oldest arm. The boys didn't even miss TV :)

This is how we got news from the outside world - a paper from the local Tabac picked up in the morning while getting fresh bread and croissants. 

And finally a picture of our lovely terrace - perfect shaded by a climbing rose bush. 

I hope we can go back to Sablet some day... What a great holiday. Now I have a week at home before work starts again. Looking forward to catching up on blogs and of course dive into my kaleidescope which is waiting for me :)


  1. Fantastic indeed! What a lovely relaxing holiday!

  2. ohhh this reminds me so much of the lovely holidays we spent in the South of France!