Saturday, 12 October 2013

More Roundhouse pictures...

I promised more and better pictures of the Roundhouse quilt. Today is one of those beutiful autum days and in lieu of my private oath to take the time to make better pictures,  I took DH, two quilts and my camera for a walk today. He's the only one tall enough to hold up the quilts :)

We live in a beautiful area - shame on me for not exploring that more often. This lake is about 200 meters from our house in the middle of the forrest. In the summer there is a small beach and a wooden bridge to jump into the water from. The bridge has already been taken down for winter though.

I brought both the Roundhouse quilt and the Dresden flowers quilt.


The background on the Roundhouse quilt is just plain polka dots in blue - it works great with such a busy front.

Polka dot background for Roundhouse

When I took pictures of the Dresden flowers a familiy of swans joined the party

Dresden flowers and a family of swans

Just behind the lake, there's a little pond filled by a water stream from the forrest. I love how the quilt is refected in the pond.

Dresden Flowers

What a wonderful, beautiful day it is...


  1. Beautiful pictures Cille! Love the Dresden flower quilt reflected in the pond!

  2. Thank goodness for a tall mister! You photos are stunning and worthy of pattern covers. Love the swans in the one photo and the distance of the last photo. Awesome.

  3. That quilt reflected in the pond is divine! Glad you had a nice day for the photo shoot. I may have turned in to a no reply blogger in my last comment - hopefully this one works OK?

  4. With these lovely finishes it's always a good day!

  5. Gorgeous pictures of some beautiful quilts!

  6. Beautiful!! I love seeing them close up, but how stunning is the last photo too!! Nice!